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Welcome~ :3
Yo people, my name is Stephanie, and this is my journal!!
I'm 18, and I was born on November 17, 1994!!!
I have another LJ, yamapi_00  , but this one is dedicated all to fanfics, graphics, and my baking~!
I mostly write in the perspective of the requester, and I only write OC fics. I'm also willing to write about any idol, just tell me~! ^^
*I don't own any of the people, I just write about them~ :D*

Here's an index for all of my fics:

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I haven't posted anything in forever...
So I'm posting something now~~ /though it's stuff I ordered again~! XD

Again...sorry for blurry pics...I seriously need to get a new phone with a better camera...lol

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Forgot to post this...
So a couple of weeks ago, I finally got my B.A.P album and Heo Young Saeng's First Solo Story DVD's...You can just imagine my reaction when I got them~! XD

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More Stuff
I bought KAT-TUN's BIRTH & Boyfriend's Boyfriend yesterday~!

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Name: Dani
Name of HSJ Bias: Chinen Yuri :3


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If anyone wants to make a request, just fill this out and send it to me~! :D
I only do one shot's, though I also do chapter fics, though that's only when I feel like writing one~! xD
**I'm only going to do Hey! Say! JUMP members, though if you want a different JE, just ask~!**

Name of HSJ Bias:
Story Line (You don't have to fill this out, but it would help~!):

**I won't be taking any new requests for fics. I've locked commenting for this post as well.**

I've made a decision to stop writing fics, at least for now. I've been too busy (and lazy) to write anything, and I kinda don't have the motivation to write like I use to...

I might write again if I ever feel like it, but for the time being, I won't be writing anymore, though I will finish the one I have been working on since forever. (sorry hi_chew_galore for the constant delay)

I'll still be on LJ to answer comments (like I'll get any) and to read my friends page, so I won't go anywhere...XD

Sorry everyone~! Though thank you all for reading my fics~! ^^

Graphics: Icons
Made icons of B.A.P....
And I bet some of my LJ buddies are scared of all the Kpop I've been posting recently...
Sorry about that, but it's been my recent obsession...I hope this doesn't prevent any of you to talk with me .__.
And I'm sorry for not posting anything for a while...Been busy...and lazy...
Oh and...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE~! Hope everyone got a lot of candy...XD (candy is always nice...you can't eat flowers...)

Furthermore, here are the icons~! ^^
5 Daehyun
7 Himchan
4 Jongup
6 Yongguk
6 Youngjae
5 Zelo

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More Stuff
I completely forgot to post this...I ordered more CD's and stuff about a month ago...
Well at least I'm posting it...XD
Here it is: (and sorry for blurriness...u.u)

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